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Office Workstations And Cubicles

There are an immense amount of customizable details in workstation and cubicle planning, from the height of office partitions and privacy, to hardware and design. The goal of workstation design is to maximize the use of your space by taking care of the little things like using office partitions of the right size and choosing the desks wisely. You can choose modular office partitions and furniture or consider those that are custom designed.

JH wood firms will work with you to define and visualize the workstation that's best for your space, type of work, and budget.

The office workstations & cubicle system provides a flexible platform of simple interchangeable components that enable you to create complete offices that support individual and teamwork requirements. It includes ergonomically-shaped work surfaces, fixed and mobile furniture elements, and an extensive choice of finishing materials

These are just some of the benefits of workstations: -> Easy access to power, phone and data cabling. -> Removable panel skin can be changed for a new look. -> Create diverse work settings within a given space. -> Supports the changing needs of fixed and mobile workers, and organizations. -> Enables the design of a variety of workspaces to meet the diverse needs of different activities. -> Offers infinite planning possibilities, with the flexibility to reconfigure and grow with changing business needs.

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